The Perfect Date: Fall


“ The cobwebs silver in the wild-plum tree

And slate-rocks where the dwindling waters flow.

This one shall see the pollenated wind

Wild-honey colored on hills half asleep;”

-Jesse Stuart, “Ridley Donnell” November 1938


Walking around “the Gap” during this time of year, you will find it the perfect date. Whether it is early morning, with a fog rolling through the saddle of the gap, a light mist falling on the foliage, a radiant sun warming your way or the moon coming over Virginia, this is the place and fall is the time. Each year the Gap finds itself the center of attention. This year has been no different, with so many activities:

-Mountain Fiesta, a celebration of Latin American and Appalachian cultures

-Lincoln Memorial University Homecoming, capped off with Gather in the Gap”

-Streamin’ in the Gap, a urban rally of Airstreams from across the region

-Let Them Eat and Drink Pumpkin, a pumpkin tasting extravaganza

-Pumpkin Lights, a multiple day celebration of the art and fun of carving

The locals refer to this month as “GAPtober” because of the never-ending events, many sponsored by the “Guardians of the Gap”. Of course, the month leads up to the finale of “Trick or Treat”, which is the best! Who doesn’t love celebrating this privilege of childhood in a small town, where you can walk home to home to business to collect your treats! It puts everyone in the spirit of the season. If you want to experience all the feels of “GAPtober”, make plans now to attend ASAP!